To all who feel suicidal and turn to satanism for help

101177There are many people who are unhappy, miserable and have suicidal thoughts. They are so desperate that they look for extreme measures and don’t care about consequences. Some of them turn to satanism to find the last hope. Here is an example of such request and my answer to it.

“I want to commit suicide. But if I do that im going to hell so why not just sell my soul and enjoy the last few moments of fame and riches until its all over… my life already feels over. Might as well sell my soul.”

It’s not so easy in your situation. Selling soul is about love. You make a connection to Satan, you give yourself out of love. But if you want to die, it means you don’t love yourself and you have nothing to offer (you can’t really love without loving yourself), your soul is already in different place in a way as if you lost it anyway.

Being miserable is exactly that, your thoughts and emotions are as much far away from your soul and its power as possible. That is why you hate your life and want to end it. By doing so you will connect with your soul again and it will be wonderful experience, you finally will be full again, yourself, in power. This is your natural state.

In physical life we have a choice to focus on what we want (free will), choose what we want. Your soul wants the same as you (there is no one controlling you or your faith). However if you focus on something else, you are hurt, always. Every hurtful feeling feels that way is because you feel what your soul does not. If you align with your soul, you feel great.

So basically what I am telling you is that you still have freedom to choose and you can align with your soul in this life, then your life will be reflecting your soul’s vision. Satan and demons just help us to be aligned with ourselves and them and that feels fucking great, however you must take the first step. Nobody will drag you there forcefully. That’s a downside of a free will. If your life sucks, YOU NEED TO CHANGE IT, nobody will do it for you magically, even Satan won’t do it. However He waits for your first steps so He can push you a bit further – at first subtly but the closer you are vibrationally to divine beings as Him (divine beings know they power, they don’t doubt it, they have no complexes) His influence will be stronger and He will be able to help you more.

To make you understand more that process, know this that demons do not have bodies, they don’t experience contrast in such full scope as we so they don’t misalign with their inner power. If you want to connect with them you must first align with yours, then your vibrations will rise and you will be able to feel, sense demons in a way they can help you. At the moment they just can bring you more of what you already have – misery, because they give you only that what you self vibrate but without all full potential that you might have.

Path of satanism is a path of power but there is no power in something you haven’t achieve yourself. Sure, you can use others help but only if you find your own strength and give some of them to others so they will do things for you. It works with humans, it works the same with demons.

If you want to die it means you are trapped, powerless so you have nothing to offer to anyone, even yourself and that is why it sucks so badly. Your soul is so powerful that you can’t even imagine. Demons know this and that is why they want your soul because if you are one with your soul, you radiate with energy, you connect with demons so you can in unison create things. You empower yourself, demons empower you, you empower them. Similar attracts similar.

Either way, whatever you choose, you will be happy again, no matter if you make it in this life or you will achieve it in death. It’s a perfect set up, because you can’t screw things. Your soul always wins, even if you loose your life, because all things you ever wanted in life, they live in your soul, so when you connect with it, you will create those things for yourself on spiritual plane and soon they will appear on physical plane as well. Many artists and people who fought and died for an idea had success only after they died… because they created resistance when they were alive which was gone when they died. But it doesn’t have to be this way, success can be summoned while being alive as well. Happiness is not an illusory state, lots of people are happy, including myself.

It’s not easy, especially in your condition because every thought is an energy that creates a path so the next energy flow have easier to follow it. If you get used to create shit in your life, your thoughts automatically follow that bad programming and becomes effortless… Whenever you try something different, it’s easy to slip on old road that will pull you in like a giant magnet. Every different thought and emotion may feel unreal, not true at that moment. It’s fucking hard to drag your thoughts out of the whole you dig yourself. I know it may seem like others did it but the truth is, they were just showing you bad things and you followed it, own it and you will realize that you have power to change, if others are at fault, you depower yourself because you think there is nothing to do, but this is so not true! It is always a possible to get out of that mess, because your will is free and you have strength to do it, the only obstacle is lack of faith that you can do it. Many people were at the bottom: homeless, alone or terminally ill and they were able to recover from that and now they are rich, in great relationships and healthy. IT IS POSSIBLE! I did it and many people around did it. There are many stories of success that can help you. If you don’t know what to do yourself, find those who achieved what you want and hear them out, learn from them and do the same but in your own way.

Often those who were in the very bottom of that misery pit achieved more then average people who just coped with life fine, because the worse you feel, the biggest counter thought your soul summons, so your dreams are so fucking big that it hurts immensely not to follow them. You have huge potential that is uncovered.

Circumstances doesn’t matter, they will change if you change yourself (permanently, small step is not enough, you must create a new way of thinking to see it manifesting in your life, then you can move on to another improvement, steadily but step by step).

There is a huge barrier between words of success and happiness and total misery and depression. This makes so much harder to believe and see better world but it exists, sometimes very close yet so far. If you are angered by people who have what you should have, it means you compare yourself to them and see that you DON’T HAVE it. So you focus on LACK of what you want and you get only more of that. Admiring people or what they did to get what you want focus you on your dream and it feels good. It connects you with your inner power and gives you strength to achieve the same, but only if you persistently do it.

I was miserable when I was a kid. I was alone, too empathic so I focused on others feelings not mines. I compromised my dreams for the sake of others and it sucked. It made me feel worthless. But I red books about power of thoughts and started to practice it. Those new thoughts felt fake but I kept repeating them as long as they felt real and when it happened, reality adjusted to those thoughts. That is basically how magick works. You make strong and persistent change in yourself and reality MUST MIRROR IT.

People are miserable because they see bad things around, focus on them, believe in them and summon them again to their life. But both bad and good exists simultaneously. It’s your choice to see what you want. So instead looking passively, you force the change in you, DESPITE CONDITIONS! Don’t wait for others or for circumstances to change. They never will. Force the change in yourself firs, so believe that you can get want, even if don’t have it, even if everything around shows you the opposite of it, believe it IN SPITE OF IT. If you do this, slowly conditions outside will start to reflect your new thoughts. And when you realize that you have done it, you start to feel your power and attract other people who have power into your life. Also demons start showing around STRENGTHENING YOU EVEN MORE so you get more and more, because there are no limits.

Miracles do happen but they don’t happen without reason. They must be worked out in one way or another. Your mind is a powerful tool and demons wait for you to discover it so they could join you to create things you and they want together, because if more spirits work on something, the more powerful and persistent that creation becomes.

I hope I explained you a bit how it works. There is no simple magickal solution, but there is a powerful magickal source in yourself that just waits to be uncovered. It’s like with well – you start digging it in hope to find water but you have no certainty and you have to spend some energy to do it till you find water. Sometimes it doesn’t work out so you try in another place. If you won’t give up you find the right spot and succeed eventually. You can take it and start digging your happiness well or just give up – your choice.

In case you wanted to change your life, you can start with some simple books as books of Luise Hay (I’m sure you can found some pirated versions to download on the net if you don’t have money to buy them) – woman who cured herself out of cancer, became rich and successful. The bigger problems the greater reward is to gain… Miracles are around us, see them, believe in them, summon them into your life. You have the power and you are never alone, demons are just waiting for you to take the first step but it is YOU who need to take it.

Good luck!

I wanted also recommend a friend’s GREAT article who suffered of depression and suicidal thoughts herself but finally managed to cope with it.

I Want to Die – Should it be Today?

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43 thoughts on “To all who feel suicidal and turn to satanism for help

  1. Thank you Zalbarath, for writing a post on for those who feel sucidal turn to satanism for help. The words in your post, are true and have pure meaning, and i hope that i can take note of what you have mentioned. I have not always felt sucidal, and do not want people to pity me. Due to feeling sucidal, straight away i did not go to satanism, satanism is currently an area that i have been interested in but due to my downward spiral i have thought of getting more involved in satanism, also i have got involved in sorecry/Magick areas, maybe that has been a purpose in my life now after what has happened which i can be grateful for that there is areas of learning to look forward too. On days my thoughts of sucide seem stronger then other days, i even planned on how to end it, and my thinking of setting myself free. It seemed i never had the guts to follow through, perhaps that was a sign it was not my time yet. I thought about writing a final note to depart my life, for a loved one to read, i was aware of the pain and hurt that you may leave behind on your family, but at these times that did not worry me it may sound selfish. My thought on that it was their problem, and i was going to do what i wanted to do. I thought to myself if i was serious about doing myself in, i would come to the stage in writing my final note, at this stage i have not written such note, perhaps i have diverted myself away form those strong sucide thoughts. They seem to come and go, you have your good and bad days. When learning about my sorcery and looking into Satanism, i felt different inside where i have made a step in moving on and helping myself, it feels good inside when you have something to look forward too, where you take a step back and stop and think of what you need to do to move on and help yourself. I still have issues with my negative thoughts with life, i know i am just starting out looking into satanism, and if i continue such perhaps i will look at life more differently. I even thought about selling my soul to Satan, but with a reality check, i thought it is not my time to end it all now, i can reflect and be involved in other areas in my life that makes me happy, but when you are dead it will be final and i wont be able to do what i plan to do in my life still. In ones life, it seems we may take things for granted, in not stopping and thinking of the what ifs, the serious effect of what an action can have on your life until it happens. I once fullfilled my purpose/passion and was happy at what i was doing until it all comes crashing down in loosing it all, due to an action in my life that should never of happened. I had a choice, at that time you can get caught up in the moment where you do not stop and think. It seems what happened was going to happen no matter what, genetics, born like it, i never wanted it or asked for it to happen. I am trying to overcome my own problems due to what has happened, i feel alienated and an outcast, you feel like your searching for something or lost. Perhaps due to what has happened in my life. It seems i need to follow through more with areas of interest, learning of satanism.

    Thank you for reading my info, at the time i felt that i needed to write it.

    • I wanna sale my soul to get Jessica Alexis Trevino to love me again be with me have kids grow old together

  2. Hi Zalbarath
    how if someone is full of hate from everyone around him?not disappointed but don’t have enough power to fight them anymore.

    • That’s tough environment. If you let yourself be influenced by them or fight with them you ill lose eventually and they will drag you down to their level.

      The thing is, they influence you highly on emotional level so you can’t stand indifferently – they won. If you learn how to disconnect from them in any way and that means: you don’t feel abused or hurt by negative remarks, you don’t feel threatened by threads or blackmail, you don’t react to their offensive (so you can’t go into defensive, that’s just inflaming them furthermore) but just endure while being deep down somewhere else, not paying attention to them, you will discover that their hate will end quicker or turn to other direction. Yes, they will try it again and again but you must be resistant to that even more.

      Learning how to be calm and relaxed under such circumstances will make you titan of emotional control. The result if worth of the all work. when you stop reacting on hate and learn to be calm (meditation may help), you have a free room to think about something else – your goals, your dreams, things that excites you. When you distance yourself from hateful people, their problems become meaningless, pity and not worth of your attention. They loose control over you and you gain power. Moreover, situation in life will turn around eventually. You will start to meet nice and hopeful people who give you energy and make you smile, while those negative ones will be less and less prominent in your life. Your inner change will build an energetic wall that will stop them influencing your life on many levels.

      This is how it’s suppose to be but doing this is not an easy or quick process. Try to look on those hateful persons as teachers who just trows challenges on you and your task is to be calm and free, not affected by them. It is possible even when living with such persons… That’s the hardest thing but still doable.

      Hateful people are miserable themselves so why giving them power or any attention? They are not what you want in life. There is another life out there, waiting for you to change your focus and discover new paths.

      Anger is always better then fear or depression but anger is a great place to move forward into realizing, what do you want really? You are angry because situation is opposite to what you want. So what do you want? Let the anger fuel your decision to focus on what you want but don’t act when being angry. Transform it to a strength, certainty, knowledge of what you want and motivation and there will be hope on the horizon. When you get there and will cultivate the certainty of what you want, you will get certainty of your own abilities to get it. That’s teh emotional journey you should take and that’s the emotional journey other, hateful people don’t take so they are trapped in their own pity lifes they self created. Let them be and be finally yourself, you don’t have any responsibilities for their life, but only for yourself. Let it free you!

      • thanks
        I try my best ,but distancing myself is the exact thing they want to easily take everything I own and all sources i’m earning money. By the way I must say I never think of using demons or satanic powers to hurt people.this is what I myself can do very well.the negative energy of hatian has taken my mind.I can’t think accurately.need to empower my mind and connect to a sort of pure power which helps me to improve not improving me .

  3. Zalbarath is a truly beautiful soul, helping people who become disheartens and totally depressed. Great article, capable of making people change their minds towards hope and life. People who get into suicidal mind-set once can go for it number of times and this may either give them another chance to live or may kill them. Suicide is obviously a state, wherein people become hopeless due to personal reasons or others’ s attitudes towards them. Hence the most important this is life, it’s a gift and there must be reason to be alive, far greater than any depressions whatsoever. Live for life is precious. Love and light.

    • Thank you :).
      To many satanists darkness is not negative, it can be beautiful and we can find strength in it and love for darkness, however you will define it ;). It’s true that “what doesn’t kill you, will make you stronger” but only if you learn how not to brake but bend endure and finally achieve what you want and dream off.

    • Not sure what you want to join. It looks like you didn’t read anything on my site. That’s careless and disrespectful, you are just wasting my time. If you want any help of someone, please get to know this person as much you can.

  4. Hey zalbarath! I suffered from generalized anxiety disorder and also clinical depression. My life was miserable for a whole year. However, never did I want to take my own life. I always knew I had the inner strength to be ALIVE again. And it happened! I feel so much better and as soon as I started to feel better, the path of my life took me to satanism. I was feeling a bit blue today so I thought about your blog and searched depression. You have no idea how good it made me feel to read this article. Thank you. I will read it everytime I feel down.

    • I’m not sure what are you waiting for and who is this “Devol” ;). I also don’t know where and why would I join you. Satanists are solitary and independent by nature.

    • Sorry, but that’s a personal journey that only you can take. There is no simple and universal recipe how to do it. You have to figure it out by yourself and I can’t help you with that. Just learn magick, about occult and then you will mature enough to create that ritual for yourself.

  5. I have been clinically depressed for a long time for almost 8years now
    Recently diagnosed with bipolar disorder and cluster bpersonality disorder I have been doing self harm for a long time as well
    I was born in a Hindu family
    I have been researching on satanism for a few months now and I feel like it’s high time I should do the dedication ritual but am afraid will father Satan accept me
    With my psychological condition
    Or will my fear be heightened??

    • It’s not a matter who Satan accepts. If you feel worthy, it’s enough.

      I was never in such situation and never had similar problems, so it’s hard to answer how it will affect you. It all depends how you cope with your life so you may feel no difference, you may have more problems or it may help you… Satanism is a spiritual tool and it’s up to you how you will use it.

    • It shouldn’t be but what do I know? I always liked dark and was never scared of it. Anyway, if you really want something, fear shouldn’t be an excuse to get it :).

    • I can’t help you since I don’t know what I can help you with.
      Desperation is a bad adviser so the best thing to do is to calm down, take a step back, focus on your goals (not problems!) and trust that you will find solution even if you don’t see it right now. Try to uphold this attitude long enough and situation will clear out for you. This recipe works but the biggest hardship is to keep that focus, so in reality this could be hard for you, but nothing valuable comes without effort.

    • Sorry, I’m not a magical genie, nor a charity and Satan also doesn’t give money just like that. To get more money one has to change their mindset and the whole life. Satan doesn’t give you quick fix, He helps you but it lasts and He needs your input – this is reality, not movies or fairy tales.

  6. Hello Zalbarath, Your writings are profound, witty, and delightfully down to earth, and all the time telling the truth. I’m not a Satanist, not a Christian (definitely), maybe an atheist, but your statements about our disconnection from our souls when we are depressed is worth gold. It is easy to lose sight of that. Thanks for the reminder!

  7. m intrested in worshiping satan……but i have no idea to follow………nd i wonder what is the first medium to get practised ………nd the source….from whr will i get to know much and do it in a complete way

  8. I have a question my bf recently came across this site and now is saying and seeing and talking to himself and saying he isn’t him. And this energy he carries is evil. And I don’t know what to do.

    He said he said he is gone. But I don’t know Wat it is. Can anyone help me.

  9. What a beautiful article. I loved reading this and hope many are encouraged by it to reconnect with their souls.

  10. Thank you for this lovely post. I have read your article every day for the last week. It really helps to align my thoughts a but more properly. Thank you

  11. Hey I feel lost and I’m ready for a change please get back to me there s this girl and I know she’s the one and she knows I’m the one but she’s been hurt and she doesn’t know what to feel and it’s left me cold and empty and I just need a change because I love her so much and I need help to “sell my soul” for her to love me like the way we used to be and I am contemplating suicide and I’m in need of help and this is my last and only hope just dm me soon please

    • Sorry, but I don’t provide individual help. First, I don’t have time for it, second, I’m not qualified to help with that (never had such problems), third, satanism is a path that you often walk alone and you should find a way to strengthen yourself, so basically you must help yourself. There is no holding hands.

      I personally don’t think there is a reason to feel suicidal over a girl. This may feel massive and life important but this usually feels that way for a young people. With time, you will learn that feelings come and go, and there are many girls that you can bond with. Of course, each relationship is unique but not all relationships will be successful. This is how life is and that is normal and nothing to be desperate about, so sorry if that feels cold to you, but I’m not a person that would help you get this girl. I would rather help you feel good about yourself and a life so such feelings wouldn’t have a drastic influence over you. Even if the relationships succeeds and everything is pitchy, death may come and separate you and this is another obstacle to process – life goes on and you have to find yourself anew. So in a way, giving up a potential but deemed to be messy and short relationship, is somewhat similar to letting go of loved ones after their death. And believe me, death is way worse, because it’s so final. Moving away from a potential relationship is not a big deal in comparison because you know the other person is still there and there is a possibility to connect in the future. I’m sure you won’t share those feelings at the moment. Feeling all or nothing is normal but this is… a temporary state.

      Even if you may feel that “she is the one”, there are hundreds of the potential “she is the ones”. This may sound cynical for you at the moment but this is how it works. Breaking hurts but with time new, relationship cane be created. There is no point of forcing relationship. It must be both sided and constructive. If there is too much drama and pain, this is a lousy relationship that is not worth to keep IMO. Relationship supposes to help, inspire and uplift in a grand scheme so both of you can get further in life. If a relationship is so destructive that you are both hurt, this is a clear sign to walk away, for both sakes.

  12. Thank you for your kind and true words. As someone who has been struggling with depression for a long time I find your advice very accurate and to the point. Almost two years ago I realized that I have to pull myself out of it because no one else can. Medication can help but it’s not the solution. Since then I have achieved more than I could have ever dreamed of. I’m working on a successful career, and while I still struggle with loneliness I have had more positive social interactions in the past months than in the many years before. I am learning and advancing my skills each day and hope to do so for the rest of my life.
    Two weeks ago, by what could be described as a coincidence, my interest in Satanism was sparked again, after I had been contemplating it as a teenager long ago. Shortly after, I have decided to follow the path of Theistic Satanism because I feel it is the right thing for me to do. After all these years of suffering and living in fear I may have finally found peace with myself.
    I will take my time to learn what I need to know before I make an informed decision. The blogs by Diane Vera seem like a very helpful resource, albeit not the only one, in fact I came here from one of her links. Only time will tell where this journey will take me but I am confident that I can learn to truly become my own master and live my life to the fullest. Thank you for being part of this endeavour.

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