What do you get from pact with the devil?

stc198813Someone on facebook asked very valid and simple question:

“what you get with pact with the devil ? i mean whats the point ? give me some example, what agreements ? and how contact works ?”

My answer was:

What person gets from loving someone? Why a person wants to be with the person he/she loves? That’s what we get. We love Satan and that creates positive relationship with Him, that can give some additional perks, but those depends on person. There are some who come to satanism because they want some gain for themselves and nothing more – it’s a weak base for satanism and eventually it ends with disappointment, because such approach is never satisfactory enough. That goes for all human activities. If you do something because you love it, you gain extra energy and sense of doing something important and well. If you are doing it just for perks but you don’t care about what you are doing – it’s short lived attitude. In the end such person maybe have what he/she wanted but at the cost of satisfaction, enjoyment along the road and lot of effort. While when you do something out of passion, things go easier and smoother. So once again, back to what we get from Satan. We love Satan for who He is and that uplifts us. Every person relationship with Satan is different and gains also vary. I can tell what I get: fun, strength, support, love, knowledge – all other things I want I gain because I have the qualities above, so one need to have just few key perks, rest is up to them to achieve. Satan isn’t giving you things on the silver plate. You need to earn those things, work for them. But when you gain them – it’s so satisfactory, so much fun! However if someone comes for satanism for quick and easy gain – they get nothing or end up in more shit then before. Strong person can get what he/she wants! Weak person awaits from others to give him/her what he/she needs. Weak persons won’t gain much from relationship with Satan.


One thought on “What do you get from pact with the devil?

  1. My comment is, its amazing how millions of people base there faith and lives off a book that was written by man. I think that the book tells many stories which are just that stories and nothing more. For example and this questions goes out to all the parents out there, how can you love someone and follow someone like god, which the book states that he put his only son through a path of pain and death knowing the outcome. I have kids and there is no way i would put my kids through any pain. If god would do that to his only son then what do you think that he would do to you? I obviously dont pray to god but i do believe in being a good father, husband, son and brother, i just happen to pray to the devil. Does that make me less of a person? Or to be looked down on? It doesnt make me evil or demonized, it just makes me, me.

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