How to get more money, how to be rich?

devil_moneyI get this question over and over “How can I get rich”, “Is selling soul to Satan give me money”?, etc.

Lately I received such letter:

“i have read the Secret about the law of attraction and have done some research but haven’t go any results. could you give me some insight on maybe some ways that i could get money?”

And here is what I posted in return:

Money is a physical equivalent of energy, so in order to have money, you need to give something from yourself. People usually think that it’s just enough to do the job and that is enough. Sadly they’re mistaken. There are people who get money for traveling, eating, writing, swimming, gardening, talking… etc. Regular person won’t get just money from talking but someone who does it professionally on TV or in radio do get paid. The difference is: you are just talking to communicate basic things, nothing unusual in that. Those who get paid, are doing it better, because they have skills and because they love it or loved it enough to develop those skills till they became professionals.In different words, those who get paid for usual things put more energy into it. Energy is passed with your emotions. And that means, if you do what is indifferent to you, you just put enough to have done it correctly more or less. If you dislike it, you will probably screw something and neither you or recipient will be truly satisfied. But if you love it and you honed your skills long enough, you will do these things exceptionally well being original or creative at the same time.

Basically, you need to love doing things so much, that you would do them for free. Then do them no matter what, develop what you do (without development your excitation would drop, but by bettering yourself you get more and more satisfaction and doing it is still fun).

If you are good at something you want it to share with others. You can convince some that this is something great. At some point you can make money out of it.

Of course it’s not easy to see this form inside of a system. You want a job. You think that there is no enough places so you must be satisfied with job you find. But if you are just doing it to make living on basic level, there is no future for you and no better money in it.

So what you need to do is to find a clear insight about yourself. What is your passion? What do you love doing and you would do this all day, all weeks, all years? It must be something very meaningful to you. Any pleasurable thing is not enough. You must feel that what you are doing matters a lot in a bigger scheme. Your motivation must be strong and persistent. Develop yourself in that area and if you are looking for job, either create one for yourself or look for others that share your passion or need it for some reason. If you will be good enough, you will be paid more and more. You get more recognition but only if you are really good and that is possible only because you loved doing it.

I’m not you so I can’t give you recipe for yourself. This is a task for you.

Money comes from social recognition and that comes from being of importance to others. And that is achievable only if you are following your passion.

However from the point of passion to big money could take years, dozens of years… It is researched that people who have professional skills on international level so they are seen as top experts needed 8-12 years of INTENSE practice in their area of expertise. And as you may suspect, they started doing it because they were already good at this at some level, because they trained themselves in that area more or less even longer.

It is possible to get more money quicker, but usually not for those who badly want it quickly.. Just enjoy the process and don’t force it. Money is important but having joy of doing money is even more important. And often before you make any money, you are doing it for free…

Find your path, find your area of expertise, dig in, find motivational books in that area, read as much as possible, find ways of practicing it.

And by the way, “Secret” is only the most superficial book about law of attraction. Personally I dislike it and find it primitive and stupid. It’s just a flashy thing that invoke quick enthusiasm but gives you no real understanding of the process. But if your enthusiasm is real enough and will burn long enough, you will find other sources and you will get how law of attraction really works.

If you understand psychology, this will be easy for you. If you want, it may take awhile. But if you are anti-talent in psychology, better find other system that will motivate you and will work for you. This other system will be in fact utilizing law of attraction but in a way that you will find convincing and comprehensible. Even those who disagree with law of attraction can use it well, because they utilize their own belief system that works for them.

And oh, I almost forgot. Your positive focus and your passion must be so big and so persistent, that problems, failures, disappointments and many other problems won’t stop you on the long run, but only make you stronger and better in what you love doing. Positive focus won’t protect you from negative things. Those will be coming over and over but persistent and strong positive focus will make you easier to solve those challenges and even use them toward your advantage. This is how much passion and love (energy) is needed to be successful and earn more money. Positively inclined person don’t have easier lives. They have problems as anyone else but they look at them differently. They do not consider them as catastrophes, they do not focus on them too much, they look for solutions instead and that is their prevalent way of thinking. Life looks completely different from that perspective. Having the same things you can be miserable or happy. Only your perspective changes. It’s not easy to change it if you see problems but it’s doable. Many people achieved this, including me. You can do it as well.

Lot of money is waiting for you if you let yourself enjoy the life and will feel, you deserve those money, because you KNOW you are damn good at what you do!!! – This is a level of certainty and self esteem that you must worked out to get rich.


P.S. Doing research or just believing in something is not enough. One has to act upon it.
P.S.2. There are some great books about how rich people think that. I listed them on my site (Satan’s Den). Please, look for them or any similar ones (there are plenty others that say basically the same) if you want to understand how people that got money approach to life.

21 thoughts on “How to get more money, how to be rich?

      • I sold my soul for $$$$ I have received little signs that I asked to show me. Now what I do now for large sum of money. I even promised to bring other souls to him if I get the $$$. What now? Please help me to make this manifest.

      • Most people who sell soul for money won’t get results because they expect that money will show up magically and they don’t have to do anything. Nothing further from the truth.

        Imagine Satan as your business associate or adviser. Hear His advises, have a plan, act, ask for success in your actions (Satan will shift your chances), but it will do nothing if you don’t act.

        And you can’t act if don’t know what you want, if you don’t have plan, or if you don’t have belief that you will make it (lack of self esteem). So if someone don’t posses key elements, must first ask Satan for them. Usually Satan do give hints how to improve yourself. But if you won’t listen, won’t learn on your mistakes, won’t notice what situation tells you, you won’t get anywhere. Satan won’t take you over the bridge, only will help you to build one or to find suitable crossing. That is how it works.

        If one looks for quick and easy solution, will be disappointed. It’s a process and a person who asks must also act toward their goal. With Satan’s help, things go smoothly, luckily coincidences will show up, problems will be dealt with easier, etc. The only requirement is – one must follow the path toward the goal consequently.

        Let me ask you: You sold your soul for a concrete sum of money. Do you specified how quickly you want it to obtain? Do you have any idea how you want to gain that money? Are you ready to do anything to gain that money in a way that you planned? Without concretes there is no focus, no power. However, although you need to know how money will come to you, it must be concrete but still general way, like: I will get better job, I will set a company that will bring me that money, I will sell something valuable, I will find some great business opportunity, etc. But you can’t wish: I must gain money by lottery winning and nothing more. That way you close thousands of others possibilities in which money could come to you. So on one side wishes must be concrete, but allow for elastic development of situation.

        I personally dislike selling soul for money, because people who do that, expect easy gain and they won’t gain it that way or any way. Selling soul means to give yourself to Satan, to sacrifice your whole personality to Him, to love Him unconditionally, without expecting nothing in return. That is how one “sells” soul. It’s actually willing soul sacrifice. Only then you can start to develop real relationship with Satan and gain things you want.

        Myths that it’s enough to make a pact, sign with a blood, that you donate your soul for XXX, is just that – A MYTH.

  1. I’m woman age of 43 yrs was running my business in 9 yrs ago now my busness is closing down. Now I need your help pleas

  2. Desperation is a bad place to look for solutions. There are no easy quick fixes here. What you need to do it to calm yourself (via force of will, meditation, various exercises), so something pleasant for yourself, let go of negative feelings and assess you and your business. Are you happy doing what you do? If so, why? What would you be rather doing? What could you improve in your business? Is there anything other what you would be rather doing? Forget situation and obstacles. Those are always there and we use them as an excuse to hold us apart from our dreams. Look at what you feel. Are you exciting doing your business? If not, what you can do to be excited? And so on.

    After such evaluation, decide. If that’s what you want to do, if that’s something that closer you to your dreams, don’t give up, find solutions. If that’s not what you love, then what do you love? What could you do to do what you love? Maybe it’s time to change your life and move in another direction?

    Those decisions must be done in a clear, calm head with LOVE, EXCITEMENT! Only then those will be good decisions. Desperation is a state that brings no solutions or good moves so you must learn how to get rid of this as soon as possible and focus positively on solutions. There are some although the full path may be unclear, but some initial points may be, so step that way and trust that the rest will reveal from itself if you maintain your positive focus.

  3. i never tell anyone what to believe in an yes like to read things an leave it with others to ponder what they have recieved wether its a comment in a court of law on a book, its a way of letting you know if your into folklore an
    magic you have a place..though some might not share the same view as you
    be it on Anton Levay or others that have written on the subject!

    • Sorry, world doesn’t work that way. Sure, you should ask for what you want, but you must be also ready to receive it and working towards it when opportunity comes.

      • your right its like world vision look out a window have a prespetive an work towards it after all some need to see!

  4. I know that the devil is the most holy of every living soul on earth, I said it because at the last day he will become what he was and go back to where he came from. i think he came down on earth for a purpose.
    devil is most clean and holy because he does not do evil rather mankind takes he powers for evil therefor thats why people calls him evil. if the devil is evil ,why do he protect peoples life.yes he protects because he was made from light. and any thing that came from heavens can never be evil. because GOD is not evil. but I known that he is good and he was one the greatest of all in heaven’s. and the devil him self has been before the earth have created. my comment today is that man is in problem not because of the devil but for reason. the devil is holy so as every thing on heaven’s are holy. I know the devil can never allow any one to hurt or destroy earth.
    because he love man but mankind dont know, that’s why destroy people that uses he powers to avoid sin
    he don’t kill good people rather he sets up the bad. people and betray them in Oder to protect the good people.his power magic became evil because people use it to do evil by steeling,killing,fighting and do astray.

    • That’s for you to figure it out. Valuable things require comparable effort, otherwise they wouldn’t be so valuable. Soul is not a thing to give, you can only offer it (that means yourself) to Satan, but people won’t really are ready to stick to serving Satan. They think that they can hand soul like stuff and move on, but there is a price and people are not willing to pay, even if that’s something they would really want. Not holding on to a offer causes that there are no results.

      • The day when I wrote the first comment I was alone in my room. And I felt energy. I’ve read your other staties so I know that this connection isn’t physical. It’s something more like emotional. And I felt it. He told me something. I don”t really know if this was my imagination or not but I swear that it was so real. He told me that if I fight I will get the results. What does this mean?

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