Empowerment and Dis-empowerment

A great blog post of a fellow satanists that I really liked. There is no need to write it myself when others did it so perfectly ;). Enjoy.

Devil's Advocates

Recently I was having a discussion on line with a fellow Satanist who also gives Tarot readings. She was speaking of a client who is becoming too clingy and needy; phoning her up to ask her opinion on every decision she has to make no matter how trivial. I suggested perhaps the client should learn how to read the Tarot herself since she seems to put her trust in that. But she doesn’t really; she just wants to defer to somebody else and, of course have somebody else to blame when things go wrong. I guess that person won’t be a client for much longer…

Last year I wrote in my other blog about a teacher I was working with, whom I had had to fire. On the surface she was a sullen, moody unhelpful person who simply didn’t do her job properly and was disliked by students and colleges…

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