Order of Nine Angles disbands

Since my materials lack of informations about satanic scene, I wanted to reblog a good article about ONA, unraveling the scam behind it. If someone hasn’t cached up, read above.


Let us be thankful for the fools. But for them the rest of us could not succeed. Mark Twain

There are probably many relieved people in the Satanic world after a bunch of annoying misfits finally called it a day and disbanded the latest incarnation of a discredited Satanic group called the Order of Nine Angles (ONA for short.)  It says a lot for the integrity of a group when it can be hijacked via the internet by a few High School girls hiding behind hundreds of pseudonyms, blogs, forums and e-groups, who for a period of time before they were laughed out of existence even had many long time Satanists fooled that the ONA was a reborn legitimate Satanic group.

From roughly 2008 for five years a group of school girls barely out of diapers led by Chloe Ortega and Kayla DiGiovanni orchestrated a clever convoluted scheme to seduce…

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6 thoughts on “Order of Nine Angles disbands

  1. 1) Given the nature of the ONA – as a leaderless collective following the esoteric philosophy of Anton Long – it cannot be ‘disbanded’. See – http://omicron9alpha.wordpress.com/about-2/

    2) Chloe et al followed the ONA way for a few years, and then left. So what? People follow, & then leave, all the time. See – http://omicron9alpha.wordpress.com/on-leaving/

    3) As someone – not involved with the Order of Nine Angles – wrote on a satanic forum in 2012:

    “ONA isn’t actually an ‘order’ in the sense of some occultnic silliness, think ‘social order’. There are no ‘members’, so to speak…or there are hundreds…take your pick. There is no ‘doctrine’, so to speak…or there is volumes and volumes of doctrine. There is something lurking beneath the waves, just out of view.”

    4) Think – Labyrinthos Mythologicus. If this isn’t understood, then the ONA hasn’t been understood.

    • I merely reblogged this post so I am not the author. I had no influence on wording.
      Maybe the word “disband” is misleading but the point remains, that lot of what was told about ONA was just a fraud that deceived a lot of people. Now when this scam is revealed, ONA myth is in ruins. You can say about disbanding the myth about the order ;).

      I’m sure that this myth will live on no matter that it is debunked. There were many scams over the course of history, like for example: scam about mormons doing satanic rituals. Author of this lie confessed later, yet after tens of years we still see people who repeat fragments of fabricated lies… And since ONA philosophy was attractive to some, it will still live on.

      • You wrote that a ” lot of what was told about ONA was just a fraud that deceived a lot of people”.

        So what? That’s being O9A – sinister, satanic, amoral, evil, diabolic. Toying with mundanes and wannabes. Manipulating them, having fun with them. Laughing at them. See the ONA text ‘Toward Understanding Satanism’ (dated 122 yfayen). There’s a copy here – http://lapisphilosophicus.wordpress.com/2012/08/17/toward-understanding-satanism/

        Here’s a quote from it –

        “What is lacking in all of these modern [self-described satanic] groups and individuals are the following standard attributes of Satanism, of the diabolical, and of the Satanic:

        (a) practising or disposed to practise evil;
        (b) actually or potentially harmful, destructive, disastrous, or pernicious; baleful;
        (c) malicious; mischievous, sly;
        (d) bad in moral character, disposition
        (e) hard, difficult, misleading, deadly, amoral.”

  2. This was a great essay! And it’s all true too. The ONA is not only fake, but it’s a hoax too!

    Check this out, David Myatt evin admits several times that the ONA was a fake hoax he made, read about it here:

    Go read page three of that same thread and you’ll see a bunch of real Satanists talk shit about Chloe! They all say the same things you did and they have the proof! And get this… in the same page 3 a ex-WSA member named “Cabrona” (that means bitch in Spanish) spills the beans and tells everyone that Chloe was playing mind trick on people and scamming them for games she and her friends were playing. read it here:

    And then on the same page three Cabrona reveals that Chloe is still in ONA just under a new pseudonym and she’s still tricking people with new ONA writings! Cabrona gives a link to Chloe’s latest ONA essay which looks like it addresses your essay about her and ONA.

    I went to check the place where she and the inner circle stash their ONA writings at and found a new essay by Chloe under her secret penname… which is obviously her. Read it here: http://archive.org/details/TheNewbiesGuideToTheONA

    They don’t give up. Looks like they are still playing games with people.

    In conclusion, and I think you’ll agree, ONA is fake. David Myatt says so, Chloe said so, Blackwood said so, every satanist knows it. And its a hoax and those girls and the ONA inner circle just play mind games with people.

    • I’m not here to talk shit about anyone and I am not interested in satanic scene drama.

      My stance is, that ONA was quite elaborate scam, because it involved many texts that referred partially to some genuine systems (like Tarot). However I always felt that this was rather “empty” philosophy. Why empty? Well, it’s not like I would disagree with everything in ONA texts, there are some interesting things there, but what bothered me the most is their cosmology and other things they derived from it. They are totally baseless, as if someone just invented a pure fantasy world, because it felt exciting, no real spiritual stuff (my personal opinion). No matter how I strongly disagree with christianity, I can find some traces of genuine spiritual source even there (there are things that are common to every major and even minor religions, like various shamanic religions, that can be seen as pantheistic in their nature, referring to real world observation and real mystical experiences), but I don’t see it in ONA cosmology at all. It just smelled like fake from the beginning (like scientology…). Moreover, consciously invented systems that are based on fiction (like Necronomicon) are more valid and more spiritually based then ONA beliefs.

      Second important thing that was off putting was, whenever I met ONA followers, they were emotionally unstable, insecure, immature, wounded personalities who couldn’t discuss reasonably any beliefs, as if any disagreement was a personal attack on them. Generally, they were world haters. If you didn’t agreed with their hate and self pity (and delusions of self grandeur), you weren’t satanic enough for them, as if they were creating any standards for satanism… Church of Satan is no real authority nowadays, despite their (in)fame. They just pretend as if they were. The same did ONA. However no group, no org and no person can speak with one mind for satanism, because it would undermine the whole point of satanism, individualism taken to the point of extremism (among many others of course ;P).

      So basically, I never fell for the reality of it, it looked poor in my eyes. Bunch of insecure persons can’t create well organized and powerful group that ONA claimed to be.

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