How to protect your satanic privacy in Internet

From obvious reasons that I don’t mention here (it’s a different topic) sometimes we need to know how to protect our satanic activity from unwanted or not authorized eyes. We all choose how much privacy we want.  Not all methods mentioned above are required, in fact using all of them could be too limiting. Better to have a life where you won’t have to worry about how others would react to the knowledge you’re worshiping devil then to be paranoid and seek protection on every corner (there are countries thou where for satanism or magick one is threatened with death sentence! In such places it’s not paranoia but a MUST). However some basic privacy measures are usually needed. This article discusses some examples of what you can do to be on the safe side.

Note that this article is not about privacy when using computer, that’s another story.

Internet identity/profile

Use different names for your official profile and different for satanic activity on social sites and other web services that requires registration. Nowadays we have less and less privacy in the net and everyone can have easy access to our data and activities. When looking for work, many employers screen candidate’s profiles. Of course the best protection is to be smart and not publish bullshit on the net but hey, sometimes what we find fun may be stupid or unacceptable by others. You never know who will see this. In usual circumstance that shouldn’t be a problem because who cares what some stranger thinks of it, but when it’s a person that you depend on somehow…

When it comes to photo of you, that is your choice. If you are not hiding your real name or photo, second set of profiles won’t be needed but if you want to be more private it’s wiser to give up on your photo, unless it’s not so easy recognizable.

Never share your satanic contacts with your official mail, communicators, profiles. Keep those two set of relationships separate, unless your real life friends know your belief and are trustworthy so they can join your satanic online profile activities.

And of course know facebook privacy settings and how to use them!

Proper mail service

Biggest mail providers like Google, Yahoo and some others gives us quite big possibilities but that comes with price: lack of your privacy. For example, Google admitted that our mails are scanned and can be accessed by third parties (See: The Guardian). American PRISM has also authority to access servers of google, facebook, yahoo and others that are on USA soil so even when you live in Europe, your private data are not secure. Sure, the functionality of Gmail is so great… but better don’t use it for your satanic Internet profiles and contacts but there is no reason not to use it for your official ones if you’re not doing anything wrong. What are the alternatives thou?

Zoho Mail

It’s a very popular service with over 8 millions of users. Zoho employees have no access to your mails and company’s programs cannot scan them either. Your data isn’t used for marketing purposes so there is no advertisement. Mail offers a lot of personalization and complex functionality so it’s not worse then google or yahoo counterparts but that comes with a price – literally. It’s a paid feature thus mostly directed for business clients.

Zoho mail


A good alternative for Gmail is Startmail provided by dutch company Surfboard Holding BV, which currently is owner of great and privacy protecting search engines: Start Page and Iqxuick. It’s a still fresh  service that has not much over two months and is in beta testing phase. Mails will be encrypted in such way that no one, not even this company employees could access it. Start Mail is specially designed to be the most private mail service there is. Official opening will be in first months of 2014. The sad part is that it won’t be for free. The plans are: it will cost about five American dollars per month. Check out the vid below:

Other, smaller Mail providers

Usually (but not always) smaller providers have better privacy options. You can also check not so strongly developed but focused on privacy and no advertising mail services as: Hushmail or FastMail.

Like you see, the saddest part is that your privacy costs…

Proper Search Engine

Like mentioned earlier, such widely used search engines as yahoo or google offer zero privacy. All your searches are stored on company’s servers, your data sold or used for marketing purposes and also accessible for third parties. Luckily, we have good and this time FREE alternatives here

StartPage or Ixquick

It’s a search engine that won’t store your IP or history of searches. StartPage uses Google engine but without giving it your personal data so you can be sure that results it provides are as good as in google. Ixquick provides search results from over ten best search engines in full privacy mode.

However you need to remember that your searches are anonymous, but your clicks on links will be stored on server of your Internet Provider! Luckily StartPage and Iquick can provide you with additional functionality. Instead clicking main link, you can choose “show with ixquick proxy” (or however it’s presented in English) and the result is placed within a frame and bounced by proxy server so your IP is still invisible. Cost? Connection takes a bit more time, you see additional frames on page and have no access to certain features of the web service.

VPN connections

If you want to protect all your activity in Internet no matter what you do and what search engine you prefer, you can use VPN connections. There are free and paid applications for it. I’m not advertising paid services so whenever there is possible to present free alternative, I present the link to the free ones.

One of such free VPN applications (it has free and paid version) is CyberGhost. There are some others but once you get familiar with it, you can look for them yourself. This is not the detailed article about VPN’s.

Proper server cloud services

Like always privacy of bigger and most known products like Google Drive or Dropbox and some others is questionable. There are however some free, a bit less developed but still viable alternatives:



Proper Calendar services (if you use them)

I won’t repeat myself about Google and Yahoo and just go right away to presentation of FREE and good alternatives:

Zoho Calendar


Use good anti-virus programs and firewalls

Since many viruses can compromise your privacy it’s good to take care of your computer overall security.  Which program is the best to do the job I leave it to your judgment.

Be a conscious user of Internet

No protocol or protection action are enough if you stay oblivious to dangers of Internet. Most often the biggest threat is yourself. Giving out informations where you shouldn’t, clicking links you shouldn’t, installing apps you shouldn’t, using unprotected wireless connections… and so on. The best protection for you is to know what is out there and react properly. How many mails with won prices you saw in your SPAM box, how many requests for contacts data for free pdf or other samples, etc? This is daily reality in Internet and I hope I won’t have to dig deeper into this.

Remember that even if you are careful, there are always many logs on servers of your local Internet provider so complete privacy is never possible. Be wise how do you use Internet, because you are not alone out there.

P.S. Although Google and Yahoo are not offering much of a privacy I still use them… It’s my choice. I am not paranoid and I like the functionality they provide. I agree with the costs. However I look carefully on what is happening and if certain lines will be crossed, I know where to go. We can live without Google, Yahoo and others.


6 thoughts on “How to protect your satanic privacy in Internet

  1. Infernal greetings ,

    While I tend to agree about the dangers to individuals in less free nations, most civilized countries offer a freedom of religion that Satanists are entitled to…. Just like here in the USA.

    I am completely open and public in my Satanic path, including being a priest… I have worked with doctors and etc in official capacities and have had no problems whatsoever. We are protected from prejudice just as any other minority…. Hence why one of my projects, the Satanic Liberation Front fights to show the world the positivity behind our people…

    I hope you are not a victim of oppression … It is indeed unfair and a problem we must address..

    Hail Satan!

    AGM Nicholson

    • LOL, why would you think that? I have no problems being satanist or being gay. I actually hate gay magazines or satanic sites, forums where they whine on how poor and oppressed they are. Fuck them! They victimized themselves and it’s not others or society fault.

      We all have different lives and while one can be open and public satanist, other can stay anonymous. I’m more comfortable with being very private about my beliefs so I don’t go around talking about them. I have no such needs. Friends who are close to me know, I don’t hide it from them. My family is anti-clerical in general and interested in occult so I don’t have needs to talk about it with strangers either. Besides, there is such huge gap between beliefs of a regular person (who don’t think about spirituality much) and me that it would be irritating to start a conversation. I could spend months explaining it and they would still misunderstood it. Hell, they don’t want to know anything about it. Their own life is enough for them.
      I feel great in the shadows, where no misconceptions are in the way. We simply all have different roles in our lives. Some are meant to be in spotlight, others are doing their job without much fuzz.

      As to dangers in some countries, they are real and more and more young satanists come from such regions. They live in complete different reality and I actually can’t comprehend fully what they are going though. However some basic ideas about how to keep things away from others eyes won’t hurt.

      • One never knows if another Satanist is oppressed or persecuted without asking… Most would not like to admit such either.. Takes humility… Something many Satanists struggle with. Glad to hear you aren’t.

        It is indeed your prerogative to be private in your path as well. Nothing wrong with that, as you don’t claim to be a leader or someone of such a nature. I personally only have issue with those who claim leadership in Satanism but cannot reveal who they truly are .

        But that’s another story all together!

        Hail Satan!

        AGM Nicholson

  2. I’ve done the privacy thing a further step,

    I completely stopped using Micro$oft WINDOWS, and turned to Linux Mint instead. An easy-to-navigate GUI desktop, and many useful applications that can be installed using the built-in program manager. – Plus, runs much more smoothly on my older machine than WINDOWS ever did.

    A large part of your loss in privacy, these days, is also in your commercial operating system. It is admitted fact that these commercial operating systems like WINDOWS – AND – MacOS have deliberately-engineered “back-doors” built in to them!


    Be aware of the newer processors like the v4 to v6 series of INTEL chips, they have the “3G” chip built-in to them. The “3G” chip is a complete spying computer inside the microprocessor with its own operating system and input-output system. It can be used to even gain access to or remote control your computer (even with the switch shut off!)

    – Methinks the time will eventually come where we may have to decide if having a computer of any sort is really worth the trouble?!?

    • Agreed that windows as most popular product is least secure. However I tried linux and it sucks. Everywhere is written “it’s easy to do that, it’s enough to: [instruction here]”, where understanding the instruction is not easy, takes time, looks differently in your case and raise more questions then before, so at the end you know less then on the beginning and still no progress at all. Those “simple” solution are not digestible for majority of computer users who were raised on Windows. Besides, on Linux still most programs we need are not available. Theoretically in the office I need only simple things (Internet, Office, mail, photo editing, etc.) but my bookkeeping program doesn’t run on Linux. This one things makes Linux useless to me.

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