“Give me a ritual to sell a soul”

I am receiving lot of emails from various people I often meet with such general requests as:newbie

– “Guide me”

– “Give me a ritual to sell a soul”

– “How can I sell my soul to Satan, I want to be rich”

– “Does Satan/demons can give me money? Teach me how to get it from them”

– “Show me how to be a satanist”

– “Help me with my problems magickally NOW”

Such requests on their own wouldn’t be so bad but usually they come with a needy, clingy and begging attitude and are supported by absolute zero knowledge…

There are so many newbies in satanism who want things like written above. It’s perfectly normal that they seek out Satan’s help. However Satan isn’t a magical genie giving power for free and solving problems. One must learn how to cope with his own shit on his own first. Taking a bit support from Satan and demons is all right but there is a huge difference between support and being completely passive and dependable on person/being who is providing help.

One type of people looks more for cooperation that will strengthen their own efforts and power they already have, other type begs for ready solutions giving nothing from itself, yet having big demands (lot of money, fame, love). First type gets the help of Satan and demons, second one is left with nothing but disappointment.

First type already is pursuing their goals and needs only little help by specific things that are hard to figure out on their own. Second type did nothing, knows nothing, have no idea how to start and where to go but wants it all (now and for free).

It’s hard to start anything having such a vague and general requests as mentioned on the beginning. Those requests are general because person who asks never even really tried to find answers on their own (they are easily accessible).

If those persons had no energy and will to be self sufficient on most basic level, then what do they want from me? They’re clearly in the wrong place. I’m not a charity that deals with people who can’t cope with most basic issues of life. I have better things to do then babysit.

I can’t be lenient to such requests because it’s a burn cause. No matter what I say, how many informations I provide, those persons just can’t function on their own and need all to be given directly and already digested. And even then most of what I give will be spilled all over. This is what I call retarded in my book and I am not tolerant of this.

Why I am writing all of this? Because in the future I could just point out to that post without waisting my time. Sure, I could just ignore persons who can’t do a thing on their own, but I think that everyone deserves a little attention and honest answer. However how many times one needs to write the same over and over?

Others strike with the same issue. Please, check out this Aleister’s Nacht article.

Satanism has a mark of quick, easy and profitable gain. This is true only in myths and movies! In reality nothing comes without effort!

The End.


P.S. Did you like the graphic? 😉


40 thoughts on ““Give me a ritual to sell a soul”

  1. Nice one! I need your help.Am a banker in the marketing dept. I need to generate large volume of money monthly to meet my set target. I try my best but its not been easy. I need your help!

    • Sorry, but I’m not sure what I can do for you. I don’t get things for others. I only can give some tips or inspire you so you could HELP YOURSELF.

      • Just try your best and if it doesn’t work out then figure out what you need to do. Think about the basics:
        -What do you need in life?
        Food, water, shelter
        So literally cut everything out that you don’t need. Survive first, then live. Think about this if you lost your job as a banker what is the worst that could happen to you? Keep your mind focused on the job and have a plan when it doesn’t work out. Save up an emergency fund in case you find yourself without a job. Obviously you have experience so plan to use it and apply for plenty of jobs when things go south. Remember any job that will keep you afloat are considered good jobs.

        Also I deduce from your comment that you are stressed about this job and I’m also clearly aware that I am two years late on this advice. I just want you to clearly think about cause/effect. What would make you lose your job and how that would affect your life. Now think about how you can prevent losing your job and a back plan if you do lose it. (Don’t be afraid to manipulate people…I find it is very effective in certain situations) You must become independent because in the end you have to face your problems on your own with your own tools.

        Sorry this is late but I still hope it helps a little

    • The comment above is a pretty example of common requests I get. No effort, just simple begging. Sorry, no help from my side in such case. Learn how to help yourself.

  2. Hi, i have a situation im not sure how to go about ealing with, So i started researching selling my soul just like im sure lots of others do.I am in a bit of a financial crisis right now in my life with no family or anyone to turn to,i can get work making good money,I can find work, i am a vary hard worker with alot of drive.i just dont have any wheels to get there i have rode a bicycle 40 miles a day to and from work and worked landscaping for a week before getting my first check but these last 3 years have been really tough.id be willing to sell my soul for 100k if possible..but from what i gather it dont work like that..i just need some wheels and dont have any help or answers.recently i got laid off from my job where i got picked up everyday and im about to get kicked out my home.can you guide me in any direction?

    • Unfortunately you are right, it doesn’t work like that. Selling soul is a sacrificial ritual based on unconditional love toward the deity you are selling yourself to. It’s just a myth that selling soul gives you quick and easy benefits. There is a different form of a ritual that has smaller requirements: pacts. Love is not needed here, although respect and positive attitude always helps in the matter. In pacts you usually state what you wish and promise to do something (or make a sacrifice) in return. Pacts can be small (everyday, casual stuff) or big (if they deal with heavy problems). Pacts require balance. If you ask for serious things, you must be ready for serious work and changes.

      Pacts have be “demonized” in our culture (pun not intended ;P). Myths describe horrible sacrifices and deals gone bad. Reality is more casual and far less dramatic ;). You make a pact but if you won’t end your side of a deal, you just don’t get what you want. You are never forced, it’s just what you wanted to do. If you changed your mind, so bi it. You have every right to do it. All depends on you. However some entities may be not like it and teas you if you won’t do what you promised, “motivating” you but it’s a rare occurrence. Usually if you are not doing what you need, they are no longer interested in helping you, unless you change your mind.

      What is a proper sacrifice? Hard to tell, because it’s different for every person. What is easy for one, may be hard for other. However it’s not about giving up on something. It’s rather about doing something positive for a demon (or Satan), which is actually positive for you as well. This is like an anchor that is used to summon results you really wish. So for example: you want money but you have no idea how to get them so you do something you can do and success in this other thing will be eventually rewarded in financial success. However serious and efficient pacts that last long are not quick and easy. Work, time and tenacity is always a hard component of it. The biggest issue here is to keep positive focus in order to make all of that. It’s easy to make promises but then we lack motivation to do anything about it, because our excitement wears off or it was not present in the first place. Lack of positive focus and weak will is a downfall of many. That is why you must choose something you know you can do (it must be realistic and very probable, but still requiring some effort).

      This means, that instead looking how hard it is or what are the reasons, you just focus on doing something positive, developing it, drawing strength from it. Shift of attention from your current state to the new one allows you to find new possibilities, that can change your life.

      For me a game changer was jogging… I always wanted to do something good to my health but lacked the will. But had also bigger problem and I was in dead end. Then I realized, that I don’t need anything to jog, just my will, so I did go jogging and then again and again and again. I endured till it strengthened me and my biggest problem started to solve “on his own”. In reality it was my mind which changed and that made all the difference.

      In other words: forget what you can’t do, focus on what you can do NOW, even if it has no obvious link to what you really want. Then find your strength, passion and situation will change strongly. This is a decision you can make now. This is a pact. You can just decide or confirm it in a ritual, but strong decision is what matters the most, without it, nothing will work. Time to make a decision. What PRODUCTIVE can you do and want to do NOW? What will make you proud of yourself?

  3. So you mean, based on your statements “Satan is not real” he is just an invisible something from your own “Feelings” ? caused by own “Beliefs” ? and testified it coz you have your own “Idea” ? and any tangible helps from him is 100% impossible ? coz you have an IDEA about Satan you BELIEVE and because you believe you FEEL, it is just a simple “Law of Philosophy” you get the Idea of Something so that’s why you can say such things ? Am I right ?

  4. By now i understand all about the truth of father sartan.Also about the reality of Satanism,demons and powers,So please give me the way of becoming amember of your chuch,This i tellyo i shall be loya to the church

  5. I have no church. At the moment I am a solitary practicing satanist and I like that way. I may have a coven one day but most probably it will be a local group.

  6. Zar I am glad you dont let the idiots and lazy people stop you from helping to to teach I know it can be very hard to put up with because it makes you feel like you are wasting your breath but for every 1 lazy person there is somone who actually read understood and is now doing better because of your effort and energy
    Hail Satan hail myself

    • Thanks :). The biggest obstacle at the moment is time. I have so many things that I’m passionate about that it leaves me with little time for my site. However I still read all comments and try to answer whenever I can.

    • Work harder on being able to learn about satanism on your own. Information is out there, free to collect and apply. No other people are needed. Satanism is path of individualism, so self learning is preferable choice. Other people would only impose their views and prejudices.

  7. I get what you are saying. But still in yet if someone is wanting to sell their soul for say freedom or money what would you recommend for them do to make that happen

    • I don’t know. Each person’s situation is different and I can’t really feel how it’s in their shoes. There are so many circumstances that there are no absolutes here. Maybe for some that might be some solution, maybe they love freedom and will love Satan as a source of their freedom? This is up to an individual. Love is, however, the best and most rewarding reason and a way how to sell your soul – you get the most of it.

      • I’m wanting to sell my soul get away from a situation and I need money also

  8. Wanting is the first step, but there are more… However, each path is different so your next steps will not likely be the same as others. There is no simple solution to such desire. You know your general goal but you also need to divide it to more specific and realistic goals and make a plan.

    • I personally have no time to do it. Also, it’s best to be independent on this one, use your judgement rather then relay on others and their say so.

      There is plenty of sites like mine, there are free books online, etc. Nothing stops you. There is no one way of becoming a satanist. Everyone must find their own path and personalized beliefs, because satanism is among others a religion of individualism. You don’t need approval from anyone.

  9. i want to get $500 now and i will do anything actually my soul becomes yours automatically

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