To be evil or not to be?

ObrazekSomeone on FB’s satanic group wrote he was ready to be evil and asked what should he do to achieve that. My answer was:

Myth that satanists are evil and worship evil is… a myth… that is spread by christianity and meant to be a slander. However most satanists doesn’t care much about good/evil distinction, believing that it’s merely a subjective judgment. You just do what you like, what gives you satisfaction and especially what is positive to your life on the long run (fulfilling your dreams). Responsibility is also yours so you have to be smart about what you do. All in all it’s sort of a balance between what gives you joy and excitement, being effective (in social environment) on the long run and managing your life so you can get things done the way you want it. The better you are at this, the more you can allow to be your true self (freedom), so you can aim toward your goals without much social constrictions. It’s not easy but it can be done, however be ready for learning it. It’s a process that lasts and you won’t achieve it instantly by some sort of magical ritual.

Some may think that all those mentioned above things are excluding each other and on the first glance it may looks like it. But there is a way to achieve them without bigger quirks. All those things considered alone may get you in trouble and are not recommended (cos they’re utterly stupid ;P), like for example: following only your physical instincts of joy lead to irresponsibility, being conformist is destroying your individuality and joy of life; being effective at all costs, costs you usually more then you can handle, etc.

So like I said, it’s a complicated game, a balance between different things. Satanists, in my opinion, should aim for that balance. Otherwise we will become what others like to portray us: stupid, irresponsible, impulsive, troublesome persons that are miserable at life. But nothing is further from the truth. Although there are some miserable satanists, being dedicated satanist on the long run is to master yourself and master life, so you will be free and powerful. Other paths are dead ends.

Doesn’t carrying about morals and about social standards, while focused more on your selfish goals and effectiveness, may lead to some choices and actions that for some are evil but like I said on the start, evil is only a subjective judgment and doesn’t exists objectively, so all actions are just that, actions. No good or evil exists and universe doesn’t give a fucks about it. Distinction between good and evil is either personal view (good is what is good FOR ME, bad is what is bad FOR ME) or social standard (good is what is CONSIDERED – so still subjective and dependent on culture – to be good for society and bad is what is considered to be bad for society, society sets some standards). Most people mix those two way of perceiving good/evil and take them as something universal and applicable to all people, while IT IS NOT.


One thought on “To be evil or not to be?

  1. This is so true.I think yes we are responsible for are self.No matter the magic. Indeed there must be a balance in yourself and life.People get afraid .because they don’t understand.We live in a world full of hypocrisy especially from religion..

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