My new Facebook Fanpage

DarkFacebookMy new Facebook Fanpage

I just created facebook fanpage to accompany and promote this blog. In a nutshell: posts here will be posted as links on fanpage so they should get more visibility. Additionally on facebook I will place more multimedia like videos or photos, while on wordpress I will concentrate more on text focused posts, although those will have multimedia added as well. Nowadays posts without them would be obsolete and unattractive ;p. Of course, oldschool pure text posts will be there as well, because content is the king :).


3 thoughts on “My new Facebook Fanpage

  1. Hi, could you please email me as i need some help with some latin for a new tattoo. Many thanks.

  2. Plz help want to sell my soul to the davel I’m from south Africa [MODERATION CUT] pls help want money fame power

    MODERATION COMMENTARY: Please, do not post telephone numbers or emails in commentaries.

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