What does Satanism means to you?

220px-Pentagram4.svgSimple question but lot of different answers. Although on the vid below are answers from Laveyans, in most cases they are interestingly similar to those I heard from theistics. Way of life, being my true self, something beyond description, etc. Different views but personal experience of being a satanist seems to be similar.

For me satanism is to be my better self, being inspired by Satan to find and express my divine nature, a way to study and know myself better. Way of life, way of feeling. Frankly, no description would be accurate or complete and it seems that persons in movie below usually seems it in likely way.

What do YOU think? What does satanism means to you? Only satanists should answer.

Thanks UnderworldAmusements for this video!


One thought on “What does Satanism means to you?

  1. My life has taken me full circle, althoe I’ve been on the left my whole life, I didn’t know a lot about satanism, I’ve called myself pagan for 30 plus yrs, lived and practiced with a coven .but the bells toll fell on my ears when i was ready. I feel so refreshed, not reborn ,I’m 49 and I got my moneys worth outa life, I’m stringer, focused, driven, I’m not alone, sin has set me free Satan has made me strong, I see so many God fearing people that are so much like me …us..well guilt ,keeps them bound, sin keeps them from looking for magic. To bad ….I will not beg anyone to run free. I’ve payed a heavy price for acting “animal” satanism is to much to big to say what it means is a short story. In one word no two Powerful freedom. Ronin

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