Satanists and social media

Facebook_Fire_LogoHow satanists are doing in social media? Do we use them? Reluctantly, joyfully? This is not so simple topic at all. Satanists often are socially awkward or at least belong to the introvert, not outgoing personality type. Sure, there are exceptions like everywhere but one of the core values of satanism is adversarialism=that is adversarial approach to society, culture in some way (rarely in general way). This type of stand isn’t coming from personalities that merge and feel well in a crowd. In fact, we often oppose it. Some satanists fix solely on being anti-christian but mostly it’s more then just that. Christianity and other abrahamic faiths influenced strongly today’s world culture so what we oppose is braided strongly in the very fabric of many cultures. Even atheists yield to that so this is more then just opposition to abrahamic religions.

Socializing at many levels is unfortunately vital for business or any kind of success (which is often defined through society norms…) and satanists often would like to have wealth and power. In most cases those come from social recognition and social influence. Weaknesses in those area do handicap us so we need to work hardly on that field to catch on. On the other hand, we compensate it in our own way utilizing power of individualism, detailed approach, self sufficiency in many areas, spiritual/magickal workings, knowledge, etc.

No matter of our social awkwardness, most people, including satanists, feel a need to socialize in some way. We like to be with like minded individuals, like to be understood, like to be ourselves around them, like to belong to something greater then our individual self, like to strengthen our approach to life and views by the example of others (powerful psychological mechanism). Internet and social media gives us wonderful opportunity to do that. Often it creates ambivalent feelings toward social media. On one side we hate it, on other we feel attracted to it because we can find one of our own there.

This gave me the idea to create a poll for satanists (of all kinds so from Laveyans to Theistic Satanists, also demonolators and similar ones) about social media. And when we’re at it, I added new page to this blog named Polls. I will be adding there polls that I post on blog entries. Those could be an interesting source of social data on ourselves and a way to look from distance, an opportunity to learn where we fail to fix it.

Polls allow multiple answers and some answer aren’t equal or excluding so you probably will match more the one anyway. So here it goes:

Any suggestions as to other questions or answers in that topic? If so, comment below. Thanks for sharing.

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