More then a belief

Yesterday I was talking with (non theistic) satanist and was trying shortly to explain my beliefs. Then he answered that it sounded so nice that he was tempted to turn into theistic form of satanism.

That got me thinking. It was never my intention to encourage anyone. And actually there was something wrong in that thought. It should be more than that.

It’s not about the belief like it is usually taken for example in Christianity. It’s something more. I didn’t simply choose theistic satanism. It just happened but definitely not coincidentally. Beside the fact that I had mystical experience with Satan (prior to the belief; in fact I wasn’t believing in his existence before), my whole personality was a match to his vibration and ideas of theistic satanism. It resonated deeply with my inner being. It allowed me to focus on my divine power. It felt (and still feels) right, like my whole life was aiming toward it. When I deliberately decided to embrace it, I finally felt complete like I had reached my goal. I was (and still am) in exactly right place. From this place I can go further in new and better direction. My path had been cleared out, I gained better purpose. I knew where I was standing and knew where I was heading. It gave me power, strong direction and joy of movement.

It is beyond wordy description. Choice was only right step but it was a turning point of my spiritual development. So it was and is never about simple choice of belief. It is continuous mystical experience which is a part of me, part of my soul.

A thought that someone may chose the belief from simple liking sounds plainly wrong. There must be more then just casual preference. Love, destiny, highest spiritual goal. Whatever worlds we may choose to describe it, it must reach the core of your inner being, heart of your soul.


5 thoughts on “More then a belief

  1. What makes this more than a belief for you? Also, I was wondering what exactly is it you believe happens after death?

  2. What makes this more than a belief for you? Also, I was wondering what exactly is it you believe happens after death?

  3. I thought I explained it in my post. But if it's still not clear, I try to clear it out once again.Belief alone is just faith in something without prior evidences, while in my case there are a lot of personal experiences (mine and all people around me) supporting my beliefs. Moreover my beliefs could be practically used to control, predict one's life, just as if you were using physical laws. One or other is simply reliable, a fact, not a belief.As to what happen after I'm dead, I rejoin fully my present personality with my soul (group consciousness).

  4. some people are born in to this path.You talked about a mystical exeperince,,me too,i known each one is different.It is like ,benig connected to the otherside ,but the door doesn’t ever close.In the Darkness their is a magical beauty and a
    powerful energy thast flows through….

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