Legal sex age?

On one of forums I use, an interesting topic has arisen. Someone has written:

“Ok so a while ago in the news there was controversy about a teacher having sex with a 12 year old boy he might have been a little older but anyway it wasnt forced or anything the boy was willing the female was very pretty according to other peoples standards she was in playboy or something and because she is a atractive female they didnt want to put her in jail and because the boy wanted to have sex as well but because of her age and his young age it is illegal if it was a man he would be in jail faster then you can blink.”

My answer was:
I don’t see anything wrong with it if both sides are willing. Hence she was much older she carried responsibility for protection.
I am not sure about realizing consequences… As to going pregnant I said than it is responsibility of the older but about psychic consequences… It really depends on person. I red nonsenses in some books about children staring to discover sexuality in teeny age. It is true for some but others (I am not sure about gender but definitely it is true for males) are sexually “awake” since “always” that means the age 2+ (some say even younger but of course in a different way, they write that even infants experience sexual pleasure). Of course it is not the same as by older persons but many young boys in an age above 10 would react on so opportunity with a scream of joy as above. I am certain that I would had no problem with it even in a much younger age if the partner would be gentle and indulgent. Besides children sometimes plays with their sexuality spontaneous. It couldn’t be called straight sex (mostly) but sometimes very close to it. Would it be seen as a crime too? I think it is completely different case.

It is interesting that handicapped children have no social breaks in that topic so when living together they often could be cached on having sex…

I think that those laws are for protection against abuse because in some cases there would be really better to wait cos psychological consequences are hard to predict but there is no clear and constant borders and human sexuality is probably not enough investigated and covered in cultural codes.
Summarizing, in general I am against treating this as criminal case as long as there is no pressure from any of sides and everything is going by mutual agreement.


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