Homosexuality is visually recognizable? Dream on!

In Jeremy’s blog there is a post called “strengthen your gaydar” in which he writes:

after visting san francisco, and seeing so many gay guys, i think i’m actually better and telling who’s gay and who’s not. its the subtle little things that show- even if the guy is straight-acting.

One of commentators noticed it may be just a matter of fashion and I think he’s right. Below is a comment of mine which I slightly changed and extended for the purpose of my journal.

Some gays are characteristic but many aren’t. During my study time in the group there was a talk about it and people claimed that gays are always easy recognizable by there behavior – in meaning that they talk and/or behave in feminine way. That’s funny, because they’ve never realized I’m one too… There is a small percentage who really act that way (to be honest I’m repelled sexually by such types) but most don’t. There are even those who are considered to be classical masculine types with no indication in their behavior that they would be homosexual. However, mosts are more or less between, uncharacteristic on that score, just normal regular guys… People would be hard surprised if they would knew about gays in their environment. Most live their life unaware about it and threat homosexuals like from another planet. They hear about them but don’t see them. But noticing that statistically 2 or 4 percent of population isn’t straight, even in my former High School with about 1000 learners, there could be gathered a whole class of homosexuals… but in crowds mind it would be a sensation if they were aware even of single case…
There are some characteristics but many gays look “normal” so others would never suspect a thing. However there are some preferences in fashion that could be recognizable but it’s area dependent and nothing sure.
All in all I may tell there isn’t any classical way homosexuals behave – it’s just a myth. I suspect many (from different reasons…) would wish this stereotype would be true but luckily it isn’t and I like it to stay that way.


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